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World No Tobacco Day – WHO

The WHO (World Health Org) has deemed May 31st – World No Tobacco Day.

Its easy as parents to take the high road and get on the soapbox about the evils and viles and redundancy of smoking.  Its easy to point to charts and graphic pictures of dirty lungs and scare our kids [and discerning adults] into never venturing north of a cigarette.   But think back a moment to those days in high school.

Everyone was doing it.  You werent harming anyone.  Its not like you were having rampant sex and there would be millions of little babies [remember the eggs?] because of your mistake.  It made you cool.  It made you sexy.  It made you awesome to have that cigarette in your hand.  You were flying high, you were suave, you were hot and you were smokin’

Peer pressure, in my opinion, is why kids anywhere smoke.  You dont have to come across peer pressure in school.  If your parents are doing it, it’s a free pass for you to do it.  If your co-workers are doing it, it’d be cool to infiltrate that smokers circle and be a part of it.  If everyone on the block is doing it, do you really want to be the weirdo not?  What we learn as kids, it is hard to unlearn as adults and we take that chain of peer pressure induced smoking and pass it on to those around us.

So instead of going on a soapbox about the evils  of smoking, maybe we could just try to not influence others around us to pick up a stick.  Lets try, if we could, to curb our smoking in front of kids and impressionable children.


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Gospel of Oprah

There has been alot of talk; positive, critical & trash, in equal amounts about Oprah, Oprah’s life, Oprah’s philosophy, Oprah’s Steadman, Oprah’s evil plan of world domination and also a fair amount about Oprah ending her show this week.  It would be pointless for me to take a stand and either throw bouquets or brickbats at her [well, I have neither on hand right now, but that’s not the point] … or fall into any one camp about my thoughts on Oprah- simply because I dont have enough thoughts on Oprah to form an informed judgment.  What I know about Oprah is what I have seen on TV and what I have read.

I started watching Oprah while in school, and while she was fun in the beginning with alot of cool guests and fun interviews, she later went into sobby and weepy territory which to me is a bore.  Who turns on the TV at 4pm, after school and needing a break- wanting to weep.  Imagine my parents walking in on me, sitting on the couch sobbing uncontrollably while Oprah droned on!  So the Oprah fad ended there.

When the Oprah magazine came out, I did enjoy it.  I enjoyed it cover to cover, actually come to think of it, the only pages I didnt enjoy were Oprah’s thoughts, so I would quickly flip through those.  I enjoyed the rest of the magazine.  It wasnt as preachy as the TV show, it wasnt as ‘perfecty’ as the Martha Stewart series of magazines that always equally gives me inspiration and makes me feel like an utter failure.  It was the perfect combination of Real Simple (Magazine) and Chatelaine.  I read it a while before outgrowing it.

My thoughts on Oprah;  Akin to everything in life, she is fine in moderation.  When we get saturated with anything, it is either unhealthy or a turn off.  Similarly with Oprah- her over saturation of the market with her face everywhere made her something to get away from.  We’d quickly switch channels just to escape Oprah preaching.

As to Oprah’s preaching;  As any TV evangelist worth his ad revenue would tell you- you dont accept everything you read in the bible, you pick and chose what you want and twist it to suit your needs and perspective.  Exactly the same goes with Oprah – you dont have to agree with everything she says, you may pick and chose which of her thoughts you concur with and adapt them to suit your needs, the rest you may discard.

On Oprah leaving; You can sob about it,  jump on a couch about it, preach about it, talk about your feelings about it, but dont get worked up about it – she’ll be back.

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When mom gets sick

Yesterday was a day for the books.  The previous night I had a painful throat, chills and was throwing up [who said we dont know how to have fun] and since sleeping it off didnt work I drove myself to the walk-in clinic yesterday morning.  I always feel sad when I have to drive myself to the doctor as you always want to be babied yourself when sick,  but with two real babies, someone has to stay home with the kids.

The doctor confirmed that it was strep throat and put me on antibiotics so strong that I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday throwing up.  Nic had to take the day off work to look after the kids.  Through my up sleep induced chucking bonanza I heard Aria crying, I heard JM give his dad specific, if incorrect directions on how mama does things.  I would have smiled if I had the energy.

Nic did great, he fed and clothed the kids, he packed JM’s lunchbox and took him to school, he ran a slew of errands and made dinner as well.  Well the kitchen was a tad messier than I would have liked and there were clothes everywhere more than I would have prefered, but that is why Nic works and I stay home with the babies.  And let it not go unsaid that I do appreciate him and the way he takes care of us 🙂

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Rapture Terrific

I did not believe in the rapture prediction for today- but I didnt crack any jokes about it just in case … you never know.  But it gave me alot to think about, both before and after.

I spent the morning thinking about Noah.  He built an ark and invited people on it because the end of the world was coming.  They laughed at him, mocked him and finally perished in the floods.  We read the Bible and wondered on the foolishness of those people.  Why wouldnt they listen to him?  Why did they mock him?

How was this different from Harold Camping?  Why did we not take Harry seriously?  Weren’t we supposed to learn from our past and not repeat our mistakes?  And what if we were raptured?  Would future generations read about us and shake their heads twice as much because we were fools to not see it coming?  Would they laugh and mock the guy telling them to climb aboard his giant hot air balloon or play for keeps and jump aboard?

After neither Nic, the kids nor I got raptured [phew] I wondered if we were in the masses that were not ready for heaven, whilst others were, so I went online to check and it turned out- not too many of us were ready for heaven, well, apart from the ones who were going to die of other causes anyway.  And then I wondered about Harry.

What was his excuse for this big fat lie?  What if I had believed him and given away all my riches and clothed myself in my going away attire and readied myself, all to be let down when the family started asking for dinner?  What then?  Why was I not raptured?  And why did Harry lie to me?  Was Harry a false prophet or just someone looking for a quick 15 minutes of fame?

You know, I’d have all these answers and more I was raptured, but as I wasnt, I dont have any answers, only questions that germinate.

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Bye Rob Mariano

The Survivor – Redemption Island finale was last Sunday, and with that my weekly quota of Rob Mariano.  I have to say- in spite of every opinion out there, I have hearted Rob Mariano from Day 1.  Right from his very first season – I was a fan.

On his first season, Rob seemed to have an endless supply of mind altering medication wherein he would randomly preach sitting at the base of a tree.  It was not the stuff he was saying, or the lack of sense in his arguments, it was his confidence in himself.  He knew what he was- in his mind, and he was grand with it.  He was the godfather- in his mind, and he lived up to it.  You know, when you’re so far wrong, you’re right?  That was Rob Mariano, no excuses.

Rob on All-Stars was more confident but also more subdued and played strategy on a more interactive level rather than in his own mind.  He had a strategy and he had a pawn who he carried to the finals.  On a very deep level, you know you’re not going to win when you diss so many people so you take someone you like so atleast they have a chance of winning.  And lucky for Amber, Rob was in lurve with her.  And she won while Rob was the evil doctor who single handedly voted everyone out.

On Hero’s vs Villains, Rob was older and a bit out of his league with the very obvious evils of Russell.   Rob was more behind the scenes strategic and willing to let people come to his conclusions in what they thought was their own time versus Russell who was obnoxious and threatened to vote you out if you didnt fall in line with his plans.  So while Rob was out sitting under a tree prophesying Russell was steam rolling over people and steam rolled right over Rob, Rob didnt even make the jury!

Finally on Redemption Island, on a  tribe removed from Russell, Rob managed to put together his wisdom, experience, strategy and confidence into claiming a win.  This season saw alot of the human Rob in terms of him talking about his family and kids.  We saw his long road down Survivor forever trying to claim a win to match his wife’s.

And finally we saw him take to the final people who just could not  beat him, one week later- does anyone even know what Natalie did at camp? [pluck armpit hair]  whereas Philip was just in his own mind, playing his own game with his own special friends.  So there was no one left to vote for but Rob Mariano.

Robs Survivor journey has ended, he cannot top the road he has traveled down the Survivor path and while he and his family try to sell their souls to claim another 15 minutes of fame on TV networks, he is done with Survivor.  And will be the best strategic player in my mind – along with all my other special friends.

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Wii will exercise!

A while ago we purchased the Wii for JM as a better way to play video games rather than the more traditional Play Station games which included the joy stick. We now realise that the Wii can also be played in the same way as you dont really have to be standing to box/run/play golf/play tennis … all you have to do is swing your arm appropriately. [Kids!]

Alongwith the Wii Console came two DVD’s, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports has all the regular games but Wii Sports Resort, while having the same and more games does it in a resort setting which is fun. I prefer the Wii Resort as its more fun because the Mii’s are more colorful in their Hawaiian print shirts, the locales are more interesting and the games are more imaginative than the regular Wii Sports.

We use the Wii mostly for Sunday evening games with the kids, so we stick with bowling or sword play most of the time, but last weekend I tried tennis, and boy was it a work out. I could barely get through the 3 sets. I was exercising without realising it!

And it was fun! So Im going to try and use the fun games on the Wii to sneak some exercise into my routine.

Here’s to hoping anyway.

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Wooo.  Its Friday (TGIF!) but, but, its also the 13th.  And you know what that means.  It means, wait a second, what does it mean?  As far back as I can remember we’ve had this fear of Friday the 13th and I’m not quite sure where it stems from.

I know we’ve had alot of superstition about the number 13 and its unlucky properties even to the point where buildings are built without a 13th floor.  [But do the people on the 14th floor know that they’re really residing on the 13th floor, even though their suite number starts with a 14? Or are they in denial?]  But why is there this hate about Friday.  Isnt Friday when good things happen?  You’re done work for the week, you’ve probably got a party that night, the weekend looms like a wide open road with poppies smiling from the sides, or maybe it looms ahead packed with activities that make you want to shout [you know you make me want to …] So again, why the hate?

Id like to say that I dont believe in all these ridiculous things, but I have been swept with the popular wave and have spent a better part of my life dreading Friday the 13th’s.  However, over time the dread has dulled to slight wary.  I dont dread the day as much but I caution Nic to be extra careful, I watch the kids a little more while they play and wrestle each other to the ground, I try to be more careful myself.  But mostly I wish the day were over already so I can begin my weekend that’s packed with activities that it makes me want to shout [kick my heels up and …]

If you’ve now got the song stuck in your head, you are not to blame me, it is Friday the 13th, you should have been more wary. [yeah, yeah, yeah,  yeah …]

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