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Where does the time do?!  Unbelievable that its been almost weeks since I blogged.  Its not that I havent thought about it or not had stuff to talk about, its just with the kids, broke down palace, extreme heat and packing I havent had a chance to think coherently.


There have been more blasts in Mumbai.  Again.  It is horrific and unholy the way these terrorists kill the city I used to call home.  The places I knew, the places I grew up, the schools I studies at … all quietly get eradicated as life, yet again, goes on.

I remember in 2007 when we went for a visit, I found the school I had gone to was topped with barbed wire!  Barbed wire!  Atop the stone fencing surrounding a school!  And we were banned from taking pictures.  Yes, because with my son in a stroller, my Sony camera really looked like a bomb waiting to go off- I didnt take it personally- you do what you have to, what you think will help the ones you care about or are paid to look after.

It is very difficult for us, living in North America to sympathize with the ones back in Mumbai.  It will get thrown back at us since we are apparently living the cushy life here. (?!)  But it is also equally difficult not to care, not to want to be there, not to want to offer comfort and love, not to bleed for your childhood, the lost childhood of all those people and the innocence lost in the carnage.

God bless our homes & loved ones.


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