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*Contains spoilers as well as the ending of all four books

When Marian Keyes, Maeve Binchy, Jane Greene and Jude Deveraux (all my favorite authors) churned out novels too lazily for my reading appetite, I started reading Nora Roberts.   And Im loving her.  I’ve read quite a few of her series’ and a few novels as well.  I’ve loved pretty much every one.  Due to my over active imagination, while I enjoyed her novels; High Noon and The Search, they also left me afraid of the dark.  Not that it takes much to get me afraid of the dark – a small ‘boo’ will suffice.  So while I do recommend those books, I decided to stay with the tamer stuff for a bit.

And with The Bride Quartet, I got more than my share of tame stuff.  This series has four books; Vision in White, Bed of Roses, Savor the Moment and Happy Ever After.  I was excited to read about fluffy, white, romantic, girly weddings as who doesnt love a good wedding, but well, I guess I over estimated how much fluff I can take.  All four books are equally boring and I would be hard pressed to decide which is the most boring.

Vision in White introduced us to Mackenzie Elliot and the rest of the Vows crew; Laurel McBane, Emma Grant and Parker Brown.  There is also a Mrs. Grady, the motherly housekeeper, who is reminiscent of Hannah Gruen (10 points if you figure out where she is from!) who has no major role other than to wander around and cook food.  She assigns washing dishes to the girls and does pretty much nothing else.  So this story delves into Mac’s sad life with her evil mother and how she overcomes that with LOVE and Carter Maguire.  Carter moves into Mac’s house on the estate and the two are engaged by the end of the book.

Bed of Roses has Emmaline Grant in the leading role who falls in love with Jack Cooke.  While Emma has no past issues to deal with, she has to overcome Jack’s commitment phobia.  LOVE conquers all, Jack moves into Emma’s house on the estate and the two are engaged by the end of the book.

Savor the Moment lines up Laurel McBane, the hard-nosed baker who has been in love with Delaney Grant (Parker’s brother) her whole life but needed to wait for her book to be released to delve into her feelings.  Laurel and Delaney dont want to hurt each other by admitting they are in LOVE.  Lucky for us, they admit it,  Delaney moves into Laurels wing on the estate and the two are engaged before the end of the book.

Parker Grant finally gets her turn in Happy Ever After.  She falls head over heels in love with rich mechanic, on the wrong side of the track, Malcolm Kavanaugh.   All is well when the track is buried, LOVE is felt and the two get engaged soon after.  It is not clear if Malcolm moves into the estate, but Mac and Carter get married in this book.

Mrs. Grady does not get her own book, though she did have a recurring role in Happy Ever After.  She was absent for most of Vision in White and had only guest appearances in the other two books.

I do not recommend this series, but I do recommend Nora Roberts as a writer.


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Mad about Macarons

Its not that I dont have enough to do, or am just busy twiddling my thumbs all day long- no its none of that.  I just got into a craze.  Apparently macarons have become mainstream again (Starbucks carry them) and everyone and their dog seem to be experts at it.   So why not me?

So we’re having things for dinner that are thrown into the oven at the last-minute (between macarons) and the laundry is piling, Aria is conducting her own potty training and we have given up on lessons with JM, because we are only going to make macarons all the time.

So far I’ve had moderate success- puffy tops and feet, but other pitfalls- hollow and sticky and the color just not coming right, but that might be the cheap ass grocery store color I use.  I’ve been reading macarons online like my life depended on it and have aged eggs longer than my white hair (exaggeration), but my macarons are not what I would call a success.

So its back to the drawing board.

The only drawback to this adventure is the stacks of  failed macarons lying around the house, mocking me (truly they do!) … as no one here really has an affinity for them …

I did say I was only crazy to bake them, not eat them!

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End Summer; Begin Sick

Labour Day weekend had us all coughing and colding, so we just chilled at home and with family and friends.  And then Nic got sick.  So we spent a few days (which we would have otherwise twiddled away on our thumbs) in the ER.  I am always, always, impressed with how much longer things take in the ER than they would anywhere else – like, off the top of my head, a third world country.

Yes; I know I sound more than a tad insensitive and ignorant (Im not) but I am just tired of the ER.  Im especially irritated with the ER thing because we dont run there on a whim, we explore other options like walk-in clinics and TeleHealth, all of which directed us to the  ER.  So we had to go there to get Nic diagnosed with pneumonia.

Well, to be honest, they dont know that it is pneumonia at all.  All the lung scan showed, according to the good doctor, was that it was not a blood clot (Phew!) but he doesnt really know if it is pneumonia; so the diagnosis is that we’re going to treat for pneumonia and then do another lung scan in 3 weeks for spotage.  Should there be no spots we’ll pat ourselves on the backs for taking care of the problem, if there are, then, we’ll delve further.

I dont know what kind of doctoring this is.  At the back of my mind I know I shouldnt be so irritated by this situation and the lax attitude it is being dealt with here, but really, is that was being a doctor is?  Guessing and solving through elimination?  (Well, its not a clot, and it might not be pneumonia, maybe its a smudge of dirt?) … I dont get it, are all lung spots so ambiguous and non discernible?

Ignore me, Im cranky because my allergies are acting up, also my non-drowsy Benadryl is kicking in and funnily enough making me drowsy.

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