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Since the end of summer we’ve been a one car family, and as such we’ve been limited to walking or not going when Nic is at work.  For doctors appointments we’ve planned accordingly and I’ve kept the car while Nic bummed a ride with his brother who worked spitting distance from him.  But all that changed last week when Nic took up a new job about an hours ride each way.  Fun times!  So it was time to hop aboard a bus.

Taking a bus ride by myself with 2 kids has been something I’ve been apprehensive about and avoided for a long time.  So I was a little nervous when on Friday I decided to do the weekly trek to McD’s by bus, as it would be too late to wait for Nic to pick us and take as, there would be hardly any playtime before dinner.

So we got to it.  I did not take the stroller as I wasnt sure on how I’d finagle a stroller aboard and still manage to keep a hold on Aria.  As we waited to board the Zum, which we didnt have to wait that long for (yay!) a lady got off with a stroller with her baby in it- very effortlessly.  Noted.  We boarded- the bus driver did not wait for us to find seats before starting, as a result of which I lurched forward while carrying Aria when he started.  Very bad.

I did want to go too far back for seats and found one seat in the handicapped section where I sat with Aria on my lap while JM stood by my side.   Thankfully, in one stop, another seat vacated and JM was able to sit and enjoy it a bit better.  And they did enjoy it.  I turned Aria to face me but she wanted to sit facing away from me – observing everything she possibly cound.  This is something I always notice about my kids – they drink in everything everytime we take them somewhere new or do something new – both of them just drink in the experience!

About 3 stops later we were up.  We got off uneventfully but had to walk a bit to McD’s.  A bit painful without a stroller but not impossible.

Overall, an OK experience for a first one.  The kids enjoyed it and I’d be alot more comfortable with the stroller for next time.


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They just fall out of my eyes

I come from a family of cryers.  Not like Jon Cryer cryer, but like crying, weeping, sobbing criers.  We know it, we acknowledge it, we accept it.  Anything, good or bad, interesting or tedious will make us cry.  You know its bad when we’re crying so  bad that we cant get the words out – that is a level you dont want to reach when you’re talking with us because its all just downhill from there.

So when my son got off the bus with tears streaming because his best bud decided he didnt want to be friends anymore, my heart went out to him.  It was devastating to him even though he knew in his heart of hearts that everything would be fine by tomorrow.  I mean, these are guys who fight on the way home everyday.  We got home and discussed the issue and hugged and decided that we were going to move on.  I mean who needs Ay and his ‘not-going-to-be-friends-anymore’ attitude.  We were Good.  And then I told him that he didnt have to cry every time something like this happened and he looked at me helplessly and said, “I dont want to cry but when I feel sad they just fall out of my eyes.”

I know the feeling kid.

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Like kids under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day tearing through their gifts, unwrapping as fast as their little fingers can go, scanning boxes as fast as they can before they can toss it aside to go open the next gift.  Repeat. Repeat.  Yes, they go back to enjoy each toy individually but when they first sit to open them, there is no room to wait for surprises and to take it slow.

And I feel that I live my life the same way.  Right from the time I wake up in the morning.  There is no time to brush my teeth like a sane person, I have to rush through it because Im already running late.  I rush through breakfast because I dont have the time to sit through it, not the patience to enjoy it when I have to get started making the kids lunch, laundry, cleaning, dinner, etc.

And its not just the essentials I rush through.  Even on the rare occasion I get to spend the evening with Nic, we rush through dinner to get to the movie.  I cant sit through the movie not knowing what happens at the end, so I have to get out the laptop or Ipad and check out online spoilers to see if there is anything I need to beware of.

I rush through books because I just cant wait to get to the end and find out how it all ties together.

Im not sure when I turned this way, living in fast forward.  But maybe it had to do with the kids and always having to be on my toes to anticipate their next move.  Im not quite sure.  All I know is I dont have the time to sit and wait, it has to happen and it has to happen now!

I know I opened my gifts on Christmas morning like a banshee on a rampage … and apparently, some things never change.

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