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Over Lent we abstain.  Mostly we abstain on certain days from meat,  and on all 40 days we abstain from alcohol.  This worked for us over the past.  But I didnt realise how much I came to depend on my nightly glass of wine to unwind a bit after the kids are in bed.

Being a stay at home mom, Im on call all day everyday and it can get on my nerves.  By the time Nic gets home I am ready to run screaming out of the house, sometimes.  So the glass of wine at the end of the day is a nice way to unwind, chill and relax before calling it a day in anticipation of repeating it all the next day.

During Lent, my nerves were running raw- for the first couple weeks.  I desperately wanted that one glass of wine.  You’d think over time that I would get used to not having it anymore and just go on, but just the opposite happened.  I started dreaming of wine, on the vines, in barrels, in casks, in a glass, in those trendy glasses with no stems, swishing and swirling, a deep red, singing ‘Red red wine’ …

At one time I caught myself singing the song to my kids, that I actually knew all the words was amazing, but what was more amazing was that I was singing it with feeling- I missed her, her being the wine!  It was sad, sad times.  The need for wine came and went in phases depending on how difficult the kids were.  During the last week, sadly, the thought of being able to drink again was what kept me going when I felt like running screaming from the house.

On Easter, it also being Nic’s birthday, we finally had a drink at 10 am, both of us.  It felt good.  But it was anti climactic as well.  I was expecting bells to go off, loud gongs to depict a celebration, a symphony reaching its peak- but there was none of that.  The wine was good, but not as good as I thought it would be.

Dont get me wrong, Im still going to have the glass of wine atleast 4 nights a week , but I probably wont be singing ‘Red red wine’ with so much feeling next time.  Pity that, I know the kids and husband enjoyed the rendition!


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