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Mad about Macarons

Its not that I dont have enough to do, or am just busy twiddling my thumbs all day long- no its none of that.  I just got into a craze.  Apparently macarons have become mainstream again (Starbucks carry them) and everyone and their dog seem to be experts at it.   So why not me?

So we’re having things for dinner that are thrown into the oven at the last-minute (between macarons) and the laundry is piling, Aria is conducting her own potty training and we have given up on lessons with JM, because we are only going to make macarons all the time.

So far I’ve had moderate success- puffy tops and feet, but other pitfalls- hollow and sticky and the color just not coming right, but that might be the cheap ass grocery store color I use.  I’ve been reading macarons online like my life depended on it and have aged eggs longer than my white hair (exaggeration), but my macarons are not what I would call a success.

So its back to the drawing board.

The only drawback to this adventure is the stacks of  failed macarons lying around the house, mocking me (truly they do!) … as no one here really has an affinity for them …

I did say I was only crazy to bake them, not eat them!


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