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End Summer; Begin Sick

Labour Day weekend had us all coughing and colding, so we just chilled at home and with family and friends.  And then Nic got sick.  So we spent a few days (which we would have otherwise twiddled away on our thumbs) in the ER.  I am always, always, impressed with how much longer things take in the ER than they would anywhere else – like, off the top of my head, a third world country.

Yes; I know I sound more than a tad insensitive and ignorant (Im not) but I am just tired of the ER.  Im especially irritated with the ER thing because we dont run there on a whim, we explore other options like walk-in clinics and TeleHealth, all of which directed us to the  ER.  So we had to go there to get Nic diagnosed with pneumonia.

Well, to be honest, they dont know that it is pneumonia at all.  All the lung scan showed, according to the good doctor, was that it was not a blood clot (Phew!) but he doesnt really know if it is pneumonia; so the diagnosis is that we’re going to treat for pneumonia and then do another lung scan in 3 weeks for spotage.  Should there be no spots we’ll pat ourselves on the backs for taking care of the problem, if there are, then, we’ll delve further.

I dont know what kind of doctoring this is.  At the back of my mind I know I shouldnt be so irritated by this situation and the lax attitude it is being dealt with here, but really, is that was being a doctor is?  Guessing and solving through elimination?  (Well, its not a clot, and it might not be pneumonia, maybe its a smudge of dirt?) … I dont get it, are all lung spots so ambiguous and non discernible?

Ignore me, Im cranky because my allergies are acting up, also my non-drowsy Benadryl is kicking in and funnily enough making me drowsy.


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We love waterparks.  Well, JM, Nic & Aria do.  I hate being wet & soggy like leftover eggs but I put up with it and have as much fun as I can.  Everytime we go to a waterpark we have more fun than the last as Aria ia bigger and able to enjoy more.  We have always gone to the Niagara Fallsview waterpark as its familiar and convenient.  But this time Nic tried to find a new place and since we cant quite afford the Wolf place yet we instead settled on a place we had never heard of before – The Americana Resort & Waterpark.

So this past weekend, off we trekked (drove) to the Americana, located, like all the waterparks, at Niagara.

Im not sure why we had not heard of this place before as it is a definite keeper.  The suite was comparable to the Sheraton or Skyline Inn we’ve stayed at while using the Fallsview waterpark with the exception that it comes with a fridge and microwave – a major yay as we were able to store and heat milk for Aria and some freezer snacks to tide us over between meals.   This is something that the Fallsview hotels do not have and a major pro for those with babies and smaller kids.

And speaking of babies and smaller kids, the waterpark, Waves, has a tot pool.  Again, something that is missing in Fallsview.  At the Fallsview waterpark, your best bet with toddlers is sitting at the beach entry of the wave pool or watching your toddler like a hawk as they play amid the older kids on the childrens splash pad.  At Waves there was a tot pool, about 1 foot of water that had swings for the kids and mini slides for the toddlers.  JM had a ton of fun in this pool as it was where Aria and myself spent most of our time.

The beach entry pool is comparable to Fallsview except that they waves go in all different directions – something that JM enjoyed – being thrown around randomly by the waves, but not something I enjoyed as much, I much prefer the single direction waves at Fallsview.

The childrens play area is pretty similar to Fallsview; my one biggest complain is that while the rest of the waterpark is heavy on the life guards this area is not monitored at all and Im not sure why!  Who decided that the kids splash area with 2 water slides did not require a lifeguard?

The body slide, which finally JM was able to ride on, having crossed the 42″ requirement was extreme fun.  There were 2 body slides, one open and one closed.  We had races with him on these slides.  I came down the open slide the most as the one time I went in the closed one I felt extreme claustrophobia.   But thats just me.

There was also the tube slides which again, JM was able to go down wearing a life vest and accompanied by an adult.  I did not go down these slides as apparently they were faster than the body slides and both were closed and completely dark.  If I felt claustrophobic in the ‘slower’ slide which was not darkened at all, there was no way I was going in a faster, pitch black slide!  But JM and Nic lived on these slides.

My one biggest complaint with this park (almost a reason to not come back) is the temperature.  The water was cold, the air outside the water was cold.  Fallsview is kept very humid so you actually go into the water to cool down and that makes it enjoyable. Here, we had to frequently take the kids out and wrap them in towels to warm them up.  Ridiculous!

We couldnt enjoy the beach entry for this reason as well – too cold, both the water and room temperature.   I really found it difficult to understand why the park was kept so cold with neither of the pools heated.  Nic and I were able to go to the jacuzzi to warm up- but what about the toddlers?!

Overall I prefer the Americana to the Fallsview because of Aria and the facilities available to me to make her stay enjoyable, once she’s out of the milk-all-the-time stage and able to enjoy the regular pools I’ll go back to Fallsview.



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No time to manage my time

And suddenly, Im busy!

Actually I dont know if Im busy or lazy or procrastinating or busy making excuses.  I have a million thoughts running through my brain everyday and some of those thoughts include thinking of great blog posts.  But I never seem to get around to it.

The kids are their usual selves – rambunctious, loud, lovable.  The home is as clean and tidy as I can manage it.  The food gets cooked in time to eat it.  The laundry gets laundered before it overtakes our lives.  The garbage gets taken out.   But I always seem to be rushing to do it- like Im going to fall behind if I dont do it right then …

I have no idea why that is.  Or maybe its because JM is home all day and I have to come up with ways to entertain him.  If that is the case, September cant come quick enough!  Maybe with one munchkin whose only goal is to be next to me … it wont be so bad.

Who am I kidding.

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Where does the time do?!  Unbelievable that its been almost weeks since I blogged.  Its not that I havent thought about it or not had stuff to talk about, its just with the kids, broke down palace, extreme heat and packing I havent had a chance to think coherently.


There have been more blasts in Mumbai.  Again.  It is horrific and unholy the way these terrorists kill the city I used to call home.  The places I knew, the places I grew up, the schools I studies at … all quietly get eradicated as life, yet again, goes on.

I remember in 2007 when we went for a visit, I found the school I had gone to was topped with barbed wire!  Barbed wire!  Atop the stone fencing surrounding a school!  And we were banned from taking pictures.  Yes, because with my son in a stroller, my Sony camera really looked like a bomb waiting to go off- I didnt take it personally- you do what you have to, what you think will help the ones you care about or are paid to look after.

It is very difficult for us, living in North America to sympathize with the ones back in Mumbai.  It will get thrown back at us since we are apparently living the cushy life here. (?!)  But it is also equally difficult not to care, not to want to be there, not to want to offer comfort and love, not to bleed for your childhood, the lost childhood of all those people and the innocence lost in the carnage.

God bless our homes & loved ones.

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It is way too hot,

I have way too much packing to do,

it is so freaking difficult to cook without a working kitchen sink –

all reasons  why I am unable to  post a complete blogpost.  There is just too much on my mind.  But this is a small list on things that have left me speechless this week:

– JM breaking the towel bar because he was trying to do pull ups on it.

– JM refusing to kiss and hug his great-nana because she’s too ‘sprinkly’ which Im assuming translates to wrinkly.

– Aria trying to run after taking 1 step on her own.  Rush, much?

– Aria continuing to terrorize JM, who is slowly learning to stand up for himself.

– How good Nic looks after having lost a little weight, I cant wait for him to hit his goal weight!

– Why Nic can’t understand why I dont understand why people cry at weddings.  I just dont get it, and he doesnt get why its such an unsentimental occasion for me.

– My landlord sleeping well at night knowing that the pipes in my kitchen are burst and not doing anything about it (its been a month now!)

And lastly;

My sister devoting ungodly amounts of time to create and maintain a blog dedicated solely to Sweet Valley High.




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