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End Summer; Begin Sick

Labour Day weekend had us all coughing and colding, so we just chilled at home and with family and friends.  And then Nic got sick.  So we spent a few days (which we would have otherwise twiddled away on our thumbs) in the ER.  I am always, always, impressed with how much longer things take in the ER than they would anywhere else – like, off the top of my head, a third world country.

Yes; I know I sound more than a tad insensitive and ignorant (Im not) but I am just tired of the ER.  Im especially irritated with the ER thing because we dont run there on a whim, we explore other options like walk-in clinics and TeleHealth, all of which directed us to the  ER.  So we had to go there to get Nic diagnosed with pneumonia.

Well, to be honest, they dont know that it is pneumonia at all.  All the lung scan showed, according to the good doctor, was that it was not a blood clot (Phew!) but he doesnt really know if it is pneumonia; so the diagnosis is that we’re going to treat for pneumonia and then do another lung scan in 3 weeks for spotage.  Should there be no spots we’ll pat ourselves on the backs for taking care of the problem, if there are, then, we’ll delve further.

I dont know what kind of doctoring this is.  At the back of my mind I know I shouldnt be so irritated by this situation and the lax attitude it is being dealt with here, but really, is that was being a doctor is?  Guessing and solving through elimination?  (Well, its not a clot, and it might not be pneumonia, maybe its a smudge of dirt?) … I dont get it, are all lung spots so ambiguous and non discernible?

Ignore me, Im cranky because my allergies are acting up, also my non-drowsy Benadryl is kicking in and funnily enough making me drowsy.


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Vanishing Us

Its been a month for us on the Dr. Poon diet.  Yes, we have cheated on and off [does anyone not cheat?] … but we have lost weight.  Nic has lost 18lbs and I have managed to lose 15lbs.

Now, Nic having the benefit of being weighed by TANITA, which is the scale at the Dr. Poon clinic, we know, has lost 8 lbs of fat to date, the rest was water weight.  Which is amazing!  He’s lost approximately a  baby just a tad bigger than JM at birth!  His paunch is nearly gone. Wait, what?!  Yes, his paunch that he carried about like a 9 month pregnancy is almost gone- in a matter of one month giving up carbs and sugar!  We’re still getting over the shock.

I on the other hand, have lost 15lbs, be it water or fat or Hershey’s chocolate syrup its gone.  I dont see any difference, but my clothes fit better.  I can honestly say I cheat alot more than Nic, so I am overly impressed with my progress in spite of what I do to sabotage myself.  I pack Nic’s lunch boxes and snacks diligently but when it comes to my meals, its just easier to eat whatever- not the best choice, but just easier when Im on the go with one kid on my hip and another throwing a tantrum and screaming at me.  Yes, I am mom extraordinaire but thats a story for another day.

Nic has been getting a tad weary of celery and other rabbit food- but I think this cumulative score of how well we’re doing has encouraged  him.  It doesnt help that we have a jam-packed summer planned but we’re going to work around it.  He’s also got clothes that he hasnt worn in years fit him and he’s psyched about that.

Have a great weekend!

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World No Tobacco Day – WHO

The WHO (World Health Org) has deemed May 31st – World No Tobacco Day.

Its easy as parents to take the high road and get on the soapbox about the evils and viles and redundancy of smoking.  Its easy to point to charts and graphic pictures of dirty lungs and scare our kids [and discerning adults] into never venturing north of a cigarette.   But think back a moment to those days in high school.

Everyone was doing it.  You werent harming anyone.  Its not like you were having rampant sex and there would be millions of little babies [remember the eggs?] because of your mistake.  It made you cool.  It made you sexy.  It made you awesome to have that cigarette in your hand.  You were flying high, you were suave, you were hot and you were smokin’

Peer pressure, in my opinion, is why kids anywhere smoke.  You dont have to come across peer pressure in school.  If your parents are doing it, it’s a free pass for you to do it.  If your co-workers are doing it, it’d be cool to infiltrate that smokers circle and be a part of it.  If everyone on the block is doing it, do you really want to be the weirdo not?  What we learn as kids, it is hard to unlearn as adults and we take that chain of peer pressure induced smoking and pass it on to those around us.

So instead of going on a soapbox about the evils  of smoking, maybe we could just try to not influence others around us to pick up a stick.  Lets try, if we could, to curb our smoking in front of kids and impressionable children.

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When mom gets sick

Yesterday was a day for the books.  The previous night I had a painful throat, chills and was throwing up [who said we dont know how to have fun] and since sleeping it off didnt work I drove myself to the walk-in clinic yesterday morning.  I always feel sad when I have to drive myself to the doctor as you always want to be babied yourself when sick,  but with two real babies, someone has to stay home with the kids.

The doctor confirmed that it was strep throat and put me on antibiotics so strong that I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday throwing up.  Nic had to take the day off work to look after the kids.  Through my up sleep induced chucking bonanza I heard Aria crying, I heard JM give his dad specific, if incorrect directions on how mama does things.  I would have smiled if I had the energy.

Nic did great, he fed and clothed the kids, he packed JM’s lunchbox and took him to school, he ran a slew of errands and made dinner as well.  Well the kitchen was a tad messier than I would have liked and there were clothes everywhere more than I would have prefered, but that is why Nic works and I stay home with the babies.  And let it not go unsaid that I do appreciate him and the way he takes care of us 🙂

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Wii will exercise!

A while ago we purchased the Wii for JM as a better way to play video games rather than the more traditional Play Station games which included the joy stick. We now realise that the Wii can also be played in the same way as you dont really have to be standing to box/run/play golf/play tennis … all you have to do is swing your arm appropriately. [Kids!]

Alongwith the Wii Console came two DVD’s, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Wii Sports has all the regular games but Wii Sports Resort, while having the same and more games does it in a resort setting which is fun. I prefer the Wii Resort as its more fun because the Mii’s are more colorful in their Hawaiian print shirts, the locales are more interesting and the games are more imaginative than the regular Wii Sports.

We use the Wii mostly for Sunday evening games with the kids, so we stick with bowling or sword play most of the time, but last weekend I tried tennis, and boy was it a work out. I could barely get through the 3 sets. I was exercising without realising it!

And it was fun! So Im going to try and use the fun games on the Wii to sneak some exercise into my routine.

Here’s to hoping anyway.

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Bringing Sexy Back

Yes we are!  And in a big way.

Ok who am I kidding, sexy left us a long time ago and far from being good friends we’re not even nodding acquaintances.  You know the type you nod at but hope to heaven they dont stop to have a conversation because God knows you dont have the time or inclination for THAT!  Thats how sexy feels about us.  We on the other hand love sexy but feel a bit miffed about the situation.

While Nic and I are still able to turn heads and make eyebrows raise in surprise and wonderment, we think its more because we have let ourselves go so badly that we resemble a pair of matching drums rather than our good looks.  And while drums are good and all, we definitely wouldnt stop the kids from playing them if they wanted, we ourselves dont want to be mistaken for a pair, know what I mean?

So we got ourselves on the Dr. Poon Diet.  Today was Nic’s first visit and we had a food purge when he got back.  No more chips or pop [WHAT??,  whoever heard of a diet that does not include chips and pop?] No more fruit or underground vegetables [Yeah, we dont encourage underground activities unless they’re the musical variety].   So anyway, the diet is fairly simple in terms of what you can and cannot eat, no points, no pre packaged meals, you dont have to exercise unless you want to and I personally think once we lose a bit of weight we’ll automatically be motivated to start exercising.  We are allowed to have diet soda’s so that spares us jumping off a cliff and leaving our kids orphans.

We are both in a mini-contest that we dont verbalize but it exists nonetheless to see who can lose more each week and rather than beat each other fairly we use other tactics like tempting the other to eat non allowed foods.  [Yes, we are juvenile, we’re not proud of it, but we dont deny it.]  But we’re both good at resisting.

Also we have our hearts in the right place as we’re doing this for ourselves and each other because checking off widow on our tax returns would be such a turn off.  So here’s to getting healthy – and bring sexy back, ooh yeah!

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