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I am loving my new home.  I truly am.  It is amazing what decluttering like your life depended on it can do to you.  We went from a 3 bedroom home with garage to a one bedroom condo.  And it doesnt look cluttered with every corner piled with boxes.  It is not cluttered; there is nothing piled up in the corners.  There is nothing.

We havent quite gone spartan but we have gotten rid of alot- almost everything that is not used on a daily basis is not in our livable space.  Yes, we do have bookshelves with books we dont read everyday and I do have racks with crockery that I dont use everyday- but for the most part- everything else is gone.

Sometimes I dont know how we achieved it, we did live in a 3 bedroom home and the garage was so stuffed we could barely get out of the garage after parking the car.  And we had one bedroom designated strictly for junk- yes, boxes and boxes of it.

Nic and I actually sat down, after we saw this apartment (and fell in love with it) and wondered if we could manage it.  We realised that in the house, the rooms we used at all were the one bedroom, the living and the kitchen.  So why not.  We went through the dimensions of the new place, we went through all our furniture and stuff.  We decided that if we didnt have a designated space for it, it was out.  And we got rid of about half our stuff just with that axiom.

We do rent a storage locker, but its 5′ x 5′ and it houses the boxes of books that Nic and I both being avid readers have and refuse to let go of (hello complete set of Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew!).  We also keep our camping and christmas gear there.   The 3′ x 4′ storage unit in the apt houses laundry detergent, diapers, extra pantry supplies and the assortment of bikes and strollers.  And thats it – us downsized.

And loving it.


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Nic and I are renters.  We have been since 2009 during a twist of fate.  And like being home owners, it has its shares of ups and downs.  However, we’ve had a miserable 2 years of it since our first rental ended after a year, not because of problems but because our landlord wanted the unit back for himself to live in- well, what can you do?  We loved the building, we loved our apartment, we loved the area.

In 2010, we moved out of that area and into a house, again, renting with an individual.  I will always maintain of this house that when it comes to showing it and signing the papers they send in the good, diplomatic and emphatic cop.  When the papers are done, and you’ve moved in and realise that everything is falling apart, they send in the tight fisted wretch with no personality who actually owns the place!

We fell in love with this house when we moved in.  We were going to live here for atleast 5 – 6 years, hell, we were going to plant a fruit tree in the backyard- we were that invested in staying here for a good term.

Then the stove stopped working. We realized the door to the backyard wasnt actually locking.  And the window upstairs had a huge crack in it.

The basement renters moved out since she and her kids couldnt take the mold anymore.

Then the cockroaches came out the cracks and the dryer breathed her last breath.


Then  our wonderful landlord came to tell us that since she was getting married and needed all the money she could get and since her basement wasnt getting rented she was going to increase our rent.

We told her to kiss ass.

Then she told us our heating bill was outrageous and we would have to pay extra.  We told her to fix the broken window as we werent going to throw OUR money out that window.  She refused.

We told her to kiss ass.

She did not fix the dryer from January to April, leaving us with 2 kids under 5 and a whole bunch of wet and damp clothing.  I hope she enjoyed her warm and dry sweaters and flannel.

We were blessedly free of her toxic presence for a bit till  when we realised that the A/C wasnt working.  It wasnt her responsibility to fix it and she let us know it.

At the end of May the plumbing in the kitchen went kaput.  We got a plumber to take a look at it who told us it was a deeper problem than just a clog.  Our dear landlord refused to pay to have it fix.  We had a heated conversation wherein we both decided to terminate the lease.  Atlast.

We have since found another place, and this time we are going with a rental agency.  No more being at the mercy of people who have the power to influence our living situation to this extent.  We are tired and done and cant wait to move out.

And here starts the packing phase.

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Moving Tantrum #1

Ugh @ the weather, especially with no A/C.

Ugh@ having to pack, yet again.

Ugh@ having to cook, especially with a non-working sink.

Ugh@ having to do laundry today, with a dryer that does not work.

Ugh@ landlords who have no sense of responsibility.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

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Roots, what roots?

From 2009 to date, we have been unintentional nomads.  For whatever twist of fate, circumstance, happenstance and whatever stance you can name- we have had to pack, tape, uhaul, unhaul, untape, unpack and settle down pretty much every 8 months.  And it is nightmarish.

It would have been difficult to do it just by ourselves, Nic and me.  It was twice as hard doing it with JM.  It is unbearably unsuitable to do it with JM and an 11 month old who wont leave my side.

All, we’ve ever wanted [apart from a ton of wealth and international recognition] is to just settle down and get comfortable.  You know- put up the same decorations in the same place for Christmas from one year to the next.   And this is the one thing that is evading us- permanence.

And everytime I have to pack up, I try to pack a little less.  I try to cut out the things we dont need or want, so our move is less stressful and over quicker.  I give away clothes, books, magazines, craft supplies that I dont necessarily dont want, just dont want to pack and move and unpack and pack and move.

But I end up giving up a large part of us as well in the bargain.  We are what we read, we are what we watch, we are our uncompleted projects, we are our clutter- which we throw away with every move.

I dont keep my kid’s school projects, I dont keep the baby clothes, I dont keep the recipes I will one day [probably never] make.  I dont keep any of the past.  And I miss it terribly.

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Rain reign

A while ago, Nic and I thought long and hard about moving.  About picking up bag, baggage [and more bags and more baggage] and starting our lives afresh.  In the wilds of British Columbia.  Ok, not so much wilds, more around established cities because Im just not good with animals.  We figured we were young, our kids were young, they’d bounce wherever we set them down, everything would be good.

And then- someone we know [not family or friend, or even acquaintance, just someone who crosses our horizon ever so rarely] told us that the suicide rate in British Columbia is high.  Its the furthest point on the west coast, there is no where else to run to from there and it rains all the time making you want to jump off the very beautiful cliffs that surround the place [apparently].  He told us this very matter-of-factly and we very matter-of-factly told him back that we were not running away from anything [we were kinda, but thats another story] and we were not the type to just off ourselves because of a bit of rain.  He accepted that and waltzed off into the sunset.

Things happened.  Things didnt work out.  We did not pick up our lives and move to British Columbia. Seasons changed.

This spring has been one for rain, it has been raining for as long as I can remember, the weather is damp, the roads are damp, the walls smell mildewy, the worms are up and about and stinking up the place, its grimy and Im just not happy.

In fact, Im about ready to off myself.

Im sure we’d never be able to adjust to the weather in BC, we’re barely civil to each other when we have to shovel snow.  Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if we had moved, but most of the time, especially on days like this- Im glad we didnt. Stupid rain.

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