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Rapture Terrific

I did not believe in the rapture prediction for today- but I didnt crack any jokes about it just in case … you never know.  But it gave me alot to think about, both before and after.

I spent the morning thinking about Noah.  He built an ark and invited people on it because the end of the world was coming.  They laughed at him, mocked him and finally perished in the floods.  We read the Bible and wondered on the foolishness of those people.  Why wouldnt they listen to him?  Why did they mock him?

How was this different from Harold Camping?  Why did we not take Harry seriously?  Weren’t we supposed to learn from our past and not repeat our mistakes?  And what if we were raptured?  Would future generations read about us and shake their heads twice as much because we were fools to not see it coming?  Would they laugh and mock the guy telling them to climb aboard his giant hot air balloon or play for keeps and jump aboard?

After neither Nic, the kids nor I got raptured [phew] I wondered if we were in the masses that were not ready for heaven, whilst others were, so I went online to check and it turned out- not too many of us were ready for heaven, well, apart from the ones who were going to die of other causes anyway.  And then I wondered about Harry.

What was his excuse for this big fat lie?  What if I had believed him and given away all my riches and clothed myself in my going away attire and readied myself, all to be let down when the family started asking for dinner?  What then?  Why was I not raptured?  And why did Harry lie to me?  Was Harry a false prophet or just someone looking for a quick 15 minutes of fame?

You know, I’d have all these answers and more I was raptured, but as I wasnt, I dont have any answers, only questions that germinate.


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Why is God dying

Jeez almighty.  With Good Friday and Easter this past weekend the number of questions and contemplations we had was a tad more than normal.  First we had to deal with the concept of death which thankfully we’ve never had to deal with as yet, and hopefully dont have to deal with for a long time.  And where people go when they die.  Following this we had to discuss Jesus’ dying and going to heaven and how he is God and he died for our sins; its a very alien concept to explain to a child [or any non christian, I suppose] …

And then we had Easter.  We try, try very hard not to make Christmas and Easter about what’s in it for us, as in what JM is getting, but unfortunately that is what it turns into, and we’re not going to beat ourselves up over it- they’re young yet.  Easter is very much about the Easter Bunny and egg hunts and chocolate overdose.  We thought we’d use the Easter Bunny as a way to get JM to be quiet at the Easter Vigil, so somewhere in the church, the Easter Bunny was watching JM to make sure he was quiet, or else there would be no egg hunt!  All throughout mass, JM was scanning the church for rabbit ears.   We knew we had gone too far with the bunny concept when after hours of church JM finally got tired and asked, “When is it going to be Easter Bunny day?!”

We tried to explain the concept of Jesus rising from the dead but it was a no go, not with the thought of chocolate to be had.

So between Good Friday and Easter Bunny day, we’re atleast halfway on the religious concept, next year we’ll try again.

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