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School Work

June 30th is the last day of school.  Yay!  Not that I dont like school or JM going to school.  But taking him to school for 2.5 hours is quite the affair.  I have to dress Aria, dress JM, pack a snack, [he has lunch prior to school and has an after school snack, and yet they also have a recess that facilitates the need for a school snack!] strap Aria into her car seat, strap JM, drive to school, unload JM, come home, unload Aria, do random house like stuff watching clock because God forbid I go to pick him up late.

Strap Aria onto car seat, drive to school, pick JM, strap JM to seat, drive home, unload JM, unload Aria, change clothes of both kids, feed both kids, unpack backpack and leftover messy snack like mess.  Phew! Another school day done.

The reason I want this year to be over is that next year we’re talking a whole different ball game.  We will be moving in the late summer to a new place, wherein JM will get transportation to and from school. YAY.  So no more of strapping in and out and in and out, and barely any dressing will be required.  Just dress him for school, place Aria on hip and waltz [or rock] on down to the bus stop to deposit JM into school bus and wave good bye like a loving mother.  Repeat process for pick up.

Yes, my arm is stronger for all the lifting I do with the car seat but I’ve had enough lugging.


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