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Yesterday was the United Way P&G Warehouse sale. Even with the lack of advertisement this sale has reached new proportions this year. I got there at 12 noon assuming that the worst of the crowd would be done and I’d be able to shop in relative calm. There was a line up. Whoa!

I was desperately in need of laundry detergent, hand soap, dish detergent and a few other things and this sale has always lived up to the hype and been worth the wait, so I decided to watch my Saturday go off in a cloud of waiting in line. Thankfully I had good company while in line.

Nic took the kids to the nearby Tim Hortons to while away the time. An hour later we were near the front and he joined us to wait the last half hour. But it was good, I was getting my household items at a discounted rate. So we waited.

When I got in, it was easier to move around as they werent letting in too many people at a time- it was also easier to move around because the stock was over! I was massively disappointed. After waiting in line for nearly two hours, to come in and not be able to buy what I wanted was a huge, HUGE let down. In the end I walked out with a few boxes of diapers, school snack items and a few hair care items. But not what I came for- no detergents or liquid soaps.

Very disappointing.


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