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No lights, no sounds – rock on

When we knew we were going to be driving from Toronto to Maryland, and not taking the bus as previously decided upon- we were petrified.  Driving 10 hours with 2 kids is not a joke and should not be treated as such, it should be approached with the care and precision as rocket science, in my opinion.

Given the heat, the road works, the distance, the boredom and the consistent, “are we there yet?” made us quickly change our plans from leaving at 7am in the morning to leaving at 10pm the previous night.  We took the kids to McD’s, made JM play and play some more, we gave them dinner and made them play some more while we packed.  We tidied the house and packed the car while they played some more.

Finally at 9:30pm we gave them baths and packed them into their car seats.  Before we left the driveway Aria was asleep.  JM was up a bit more after that as he worries about the dark and driving at night.  He dozed off finally at 1am.   And it was relatively smooth sailing from there on.  There was not a peep from the kids, the only lights on the roads were from our little cocoon and other cars we passed on the road, we had soft conversations, we exchanged drivers seats, we gassed up, we snacked, we drove.

I enjoyed the night drive.   We breezed past downtown core areas.  We sailed on single lane’s where roads were closed due to construction.  We slowed down on confusing roads to read signs.  It was so unstressful and calm as opposed to driving during the day with traffic and kids and whatnot.

The kids both got up at 6am.  We stopped for a break and food.  We let Aria walk about and let JM run around in the parking lot.  We tried exhausting them but after a night of fitful sleep- that was relatively difficult to do.  We got back on the road at 7am with about an hour of driving left, and I can honestly say that was the hardest part of the drive.  The crying, the throwing of toys, the complaining, the fighting …

Thankfully we were at our destination by 8am and everyone was thankful to be out of the car.


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