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They just fall out of my eyes

I come from a family of cryers.  Not like Jon Cryer cryer, but like crying, weeping, sobbing criers.  We know it, we acknowledge it, we accept it.  Anything, good or bad, interesting or tedious will make us cry.  You know its bad when we’re crying so  bad that we cant get the words out – that is a level you dont want to reach when you’re talking with us because its all just downhill from there.

So when my son got off the bus with tears streaming because his best bud decided he didnt want to be friends anymore, my heart went out to him.  It was devastating to him even though he knew in his heart of hearts that everything would be fine by tomorrow.  I mean, these are guys who fight on the way home everyday.  We got home and discussed the issue and hugged and decided that we were going to move on.  I mean who needs Ay and his ‘not-going-to-be-friends-anymore’ attitude.  We were Good.  And then I told him that he didnt have to cry every time something like this happened and he looked at me helplessly and said, “I dont want to cry but when I feel sad they just fall out of my eyes.”

I know the feeling kid.


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