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Like kids under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day tearing through their gifts, unwrapping as fast as their little fingers can go, scanning boxes as fast as they can before they can toss it aside to go open the next gift.  Repeat. Repeat.  Yes, they go back to enjoy each toy individually but when they first sit to open them, there is no room to wait for surprises and to take it slow.

And I feel that I live my life the same way.  Right from the time I wake up in the morning.  There is no time to brush my teeth like a sane person, I have to rush through it because Im already running late.  I rush through breakfast because I dont have the time to sit through it, not the patience to enjoy it when I have to get started making the kids lunch, laundry, cleaning, dinner, etc.

And its not just the essentials I rush through.  Even on the rare occasion I get to spend the evening with Nic, we rush through dinner to get to the movie.  I cant sit through the movie not knowing what happens at the end, so I have to get out the laptop or Ipad and check out online spoilers to see if there is anything I need to beware of.

I rush through books because I just cant wait to get to the end and find out how it all ties together.

Im not sure when I turned this way, living in fast forward.  But maybe it had to do with the kids and always having to be on my toes to anticipate their next move.  Im not quite sure.  All I know is I dont have the time to sit and wait, it has to happen and it has to happen now!

I know I opened my gifts on Christmas morning like a banshee on a rampage … and apparently, some things never change.


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